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Healer | Teacher | Mentor | Student

After Reiki (Energy Healing) found me in 2010, it didn’t just shift my consciousness, but my life’s path.


The Story so far, what really happened....

I was burnt out, Busy, Unconsciously consumed by Westernised society & Very Fit.. But Unhealthy.

I too became unwell:

Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually down to Zero.


Diagnosed with stage two stress, adrenal fatigue & anxiety. A conclusive result of Chronic Fatigue.


Until one day when I was guided by a good friend to see this lady, a 'Healer'. Spending just 1 session with her, changed me, it moved me and I felt things I hadn't felt before, and had the most overwhelming sensation of Peace, in my Heart & Mind - Silence, Stillness. Within 2 weeks she said my life would change... And it did!


I have learnt alot about myself and embarked on a 

'Holistic Road to Health' to gain a brighter, happier self.

And this now my way of life and living.


After being true to myself, alot of nurturing, lessons & learning, self-development, healing and education. 

I now have a list of valuable qualifications, more life experience and will forever be a student.


Healing  is my gift to show you, how valuable you are to you!


Each session is intuitively guided for you, as we begin to remove negative layers, new positive space is created.


Reiki, better known as  'Energy Healing' - is a Gentle, hands on, non-invasive Healing.


When Emotions are not expressed or addressed;

Our Emotional layer (Aura) becomes 'cluttered' creating Mental ailments of mind chatter, negative thoughts & detaching us from the ability to 'switch off'.

These mental ailments then present themselves clearly as Physical conditions. I.e Stress, Anger, Anxiety & Insomnia, Pain & Ill Health.


Once the diagnosis of Physical symptoms / ailments arise,a client may need a number of sessions to remove these 'blocks' - Reiki will Restore, Balance & Harmonise your Mind, Body & Soul.


Healing aids Chronic Pain & Recovery, Clarity of Thought

& Deeper Self Awareness. 


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Love & Blessings,


Reiki Master + Teacher

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Crystal Healer

Angel Therapy

Chakra Balance

Sacred Esoteric Healing

New Age Pellowah

Sat Nam Rasayan 

Intuitive Guidance  

Trigger Point

Sound Healing



& More..

"Health & Healing is a personal journey which requires  love &  dedication of thy self."- Abbey Fox